Your source for friendly, understandable help with statistics and data analysis.

We offer data analysis services for quantitative, qualitative, and hybrid research. We can complete your analysis from start (dataset creation and data entry) to finish (interpretation and write-up of results).

The following list is not exhaustive, but here are some of the common types of analysis we perform:


Descriptive statistics

Inferential statistics using parametric methods (ANOVA, regression, etc.)

Nonparametric statistics

Bayesian Analysis

Structural Equation Modeling

Factor Analysis

Cluster Analysis and other pattern recognition models

Quantitative content analysis (for example, word count or keyword in-context analysis)

Data Mining

"Big Data" mining

Text mining


Analysis of unstructured data from surveys, interviews, focus groups, call centers, etc.

Content Analysis

Analysis of data gathered in hybrid studies (qualitative and quantitative)

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